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Benefits of Raw Feeding

The benefits of raw are endless....

... lest we ever forget, dogs were hunting and scavenging long before words like pellets, tins, conveyor belts & over-processed kibble had made it into the Oxford dictionary. Dogs and cats are finely-tuned carnivores, anatomically assembled to accommodate raw, ‘nutrient-packed’ meat.

Our BARF recipes, (Biologically, Appropriate Raw Food) are painstakingly prepared meals consisting of top drawer meats, veg and minerals, meticulously mixed to accurately replicate what your pet might have eaten in the wild, and what your domestic carnivore is meant to thrive on today!

Raw, unlike their cooked or over-processed rivals, provides extra nutritious goodness, enhanced vitality and stamina and a natural shield against all manner of unfortunate afflictions.


Benefits our customers most commonly list:

  • better overall health
  • better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
  • fewer and better formed stools
  • better smelling breath, less tartar, cleaner teeth
  • glossier coats
  • more stamina
  • no itchiness
  • food enjoyment
  • a calmer, yet more focused, nature

As many of us have long suspected, nature tends to always know best



Do you want your friend to be thriving, healthy & shiny but unsure how to start?

Try a Starter Pack, if you order online you even get free delivery. Our starter packs are available for dogs, puppies, cats and for those wishing to make up their own dog's dinners. 

 Starter Packs for Pets - Online Offers


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