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​3 Autumn Freebies - foraging for you and your dog!

Who doesn’t like a good healthy super food freebie! Well, you can get lots of great additional extras for yourself and your dog by foraging and taking a closer look at what’s around you on walks this Autumn. Dogs and their ancestors have been foraging for centuries and plenty of dogs love nothing better then [...]

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5 Tips for Everyday Show Shine!

Are you looking for compliments on your pets' coat condition and shine, be honest - we ALL like to hear how well our pets look. Here are our top tips for getting that show shine for your pet!  Coats are a very clear indicator of overall health and wellbeing in your dog, if he/she is not [...]

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How To Feed Your Pregnant Bitch

Being pregnant is one of the most stressful and biggest hormonal changes in your bitch’s lifetime and how you feed your bitch has a direct impact on not only her health but also the health of the puppies. Dogs are pregnant for 9 weeks, experienced vets and breeders will be able to palpate her womb [...]

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Spirulina - the sea vegetable no pet should be without

If there is one supplement you do not want your pet to miss out on it must really be Spirulina! We include spirulina in all of our Formulas (apart from the Just and Organic range) as this small algae is just so packed with important minerals and vitamins, whether you are thinking of boosting your dog’s [...]

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Nutriment Teams Up With Ocado

Nutriment’s upward trajectory continues unabated in 2016 with the welcome news that Camberley’s best known pet food producer has just joined Ocado’s premium stable of pet food, providing a welcome ‘raw’ perspective with six of its core lines: Salmon, Chicken & Lamb, Beef, Turkey, Lamb and Chicken sitting alongside the new Laverstoke offer. A close-knit partnership with one of the UKs most [...]

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4 Bone Broth recipes!

4 Bone Broth recipes to get any cat or dog licking their lips!, Whether you are looking for a recipe for the old, the young, the sensitive soul or the hardworking pet, we have 4 great recipes to for your cat or dog to try. Broth can also be worthwhile if you have a reluctant [...]

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Why is my dog so itchy?

Itchiness is one of the most common complaints noted by dog owners; considering the skin is the largest organ in the body it perhaps should come as no surprise, digestive issues being the number one. It’s quite normal for dogs to have a good scratch occasionally however when this develops into licking, biting, chewing to the [...]

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Help! My dog won’t eat!

Dogs at times seem to go off their food. We help many people with this issue but often the reasons for it are quite simple. Dogs go through phases which can mean that food is left and there seems to be no interest. It’s even worse when you feel you need to resort to tinned [...]

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Vets & Diets - Agree to Disagree?

Only around 4% of the dog and cat population are currently fed fresh and raw diets. This is still a tiny number, whilst it’s slowly growing, this also means that when visiting the vet most rawfeeders do come across misinformed veterinary professionals, be it vets or vet nurses. There are still plenty of fear-mongering myths that [...]

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​Which Raw Bone for Your Dog

Raw meaty bones are often one of the scariest things to introduce when you start on a raw and fresh diet, it gives some trepidation however the benefits do outweigh the concern, and you do overcome it! Knowing your dog and wisely picking bones which suit your size of dog is important. Bone is essential [...]

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