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Vets & Diets - Agree to Disagree?

Only around 4% of the dog and cat population are currently fed fresh and raw diets. This is still a tiny number, whilst it’s slowly growing, this also means that when visiting the vet most rawfeeders do come across misinformed veterinary professionals, be it vets or vet nurses. There are still plenty of fear-mongering myths that [...]

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​Which Raw Bone for Your Dog

Raw meaty bones are often one of the scariest things to introduce when you start on a raw and fresh diet, it gives some trepidation however the benefits do outweigh the concern, and you do overcome it! Knowing your dog and wisely picking bones which suit your size of dog is important. Bone is essential [...]

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3 Free Herbs You Never Knew About!

Many ‘herbs’ we totally overlook, instead, these poor cousins of herbs we know get branded as mere weeds! However much what can be found on your walks can be useful little additions to a great diet and have been used for centuries to help common issues. So instead of walking all over them, next time you [...]

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7 Steps for Healthy & Long Lives

The idea that our pets are with us for a short time will no doubt fly through everyone’s mind… “are there any ‘recipes’ to longer and healthier lives, what can I do to make sure they live to the fullest, how do I keep my older pet healthy as long as possible etc.”... there are [...]

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8 Tips for Staying Cool

With temperatures rising we do well to keep a close eye on our pets in the fur coats, as they do suffer with the heat and YOU can certainly make life easier and safer for them with our 8 tips for staying cool. Dogs and cats struggle with heat, not just because of all their hair [...]

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3 Tips for Fighting Canine Flab

Obesity is the nations' pet epidemic, it's so important to fight the flab! Being overweight is a serious risk to your dogs health; carrying too much weight impacts on joints, bones, spines and can greatly increase the risk in dogs who are are more prone to develop diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It is [...]

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Rawhides; are you still feeding these?

Rawhides are still one of the most popular dog treats around. All dogs need to chew, it’s natural to them, it provides stimulation and can help relieve anxiety however these might not be the best chew to give to your dog! Firstly, whilst marketed often as an “all natural” dog treat, rawhide, is NOT raw, [...]

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One of Biggest Pet Problems!

Poor dental health; it's one of the biggest problems our pets are struggling with! Good dental health is vital for good overall health, not having this means that bacteria in the mouth are free to roam the rest of the body, causing issues elsewhere such as heart and kidneys, as well as long term suffering [...]

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Bullie Beating the Odds with Diet!

We see many miracle stories online, but it’s quite something else to be involved with one. Meet Roger, who was a 10 month old rescued bulldog with many extreme health problems and because of it was considered to be put to sleep as few solutions could be found.   Roger… was diagnosed with the disabling spinal conditions of [...]

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Make your own: Dried Hedgerow Hearts

Make your own dried Hedgerow Turkey Hearts, these are really easy to make and your dog or cat will absolutely love you for it! You will need ...a pack of Turkey Hearts and some sprinkles, for this recipe we used dried nettles and rosehip shells. Nettle is a great herb for both cats and dogs and can help [...]

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