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5 Tips for Everyday Show Shine!


Are you looking for compliments on your pets' coat condition and shine, be honest - we ALL like to hear how well our pets look. Here are our top tips for getting that show shine for your pet! 

Coats are a very clear indicator of overall health and wellbeing in your dog, if he/she is not in optimal condition you would be able to tell by his/her coat being dry or greasy or simply no shine. 

If there is a sudden change in your dogs coat condition it’s very worth looking a little deeper to rule out any underlying health issues.

Tip 1 - Diet

Healthy coats are a reflection of of what went it, quite literally, so feed a diet that is suited to what your dog is, a facultative carnivore, avoid ingredients which do them no favours and can cause or contribute to eg yeast issues. 

Fresh, balanced and varied diets, such as Nutriment formulas, feed the body inside and out. Also in terms of treats keep it “clean”, no fillers, no flavourings, no grains, no rice etc. - it will make a big difference.

Tip 2 - Fish

Oily fish is essential for getting shine! Feed for example sprats or salmon formula once or twice a week. 

Fatty acids Omega 3 & 6 help no end with improving coat and skin, as well as their other known benefits such as inflammation reduction and supporting healthy joints and immune system overall.

Tip 3 - Supplements

If you are feeding a more DIY based fresh diet (just range) then it can make sense to use some toppers to boost overall health and coat shine such as …

Nutriment Fresh Sprats with an Egg

Coconut oil, which is well known to aid dry skin, and making coats more glossy. Don’t go overboard though - you only need a little.

Spirulina can really deepen the coats shine and thereby the colours - learn more here

- Apple cider vinegar; is a great addition for dogs who are struggling with eg yeast issues.

Tip 4. Eggs

Eggs! Raw free range (and organic) eggs are a great little addition and a perfect parcel of nutrition. Eggs contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vit A, B12, D, iron, fatty acids, folate. 

If your dog or cat isn’t keen on the shell, crunch it up for them. 

For small dogs think 1 egg a week, for medium dogs 2 eggs and 3 eggs per week for large dogs is fine.

Tip 5. Mud & Dust and all things messy!

If you have a dog who just loves the great outdoors, delights in coming back, with love and licks, covered in mud and dust then it can be wise to bathe them. 

Whilst bathing too often isn’t recommended, what you bathe with is perhaps even more important. Whenever you wash your dog make it very very gentle in terms of shampoo so your dog is not stripped of the important oils in both the hair and skin. 

Try the super soft AniCura shampoo for example and for that extra shine booster use the Conditioner also which supports healthy skin and coat.

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