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Pet Hazards of Glorious Spring Time!


Spring can be a very exciting, entertaining time for all pets, whether they be puppies, adults or seniors. There are, however, hazards lurking inside and outside in which responsible owners must be mindful of.

When weather starts to warm up make sure you check for ticks and if you use herbal flea treatments then start with these again. Here is a brilliant natural insect repellent: http://www.nutriment.co/anicura-insect-repellent/

Easter Pet Hazards

Throughout Easter you will need to take extra precautions with chocolate, easter breads, raisins and currants as well as the wrapping of such items. Take particular precautions when it comes to Easter hunts or places where these are being organised. 

Outside Pet Hazards

Many plants can cause issues for pets, especially during this time of the year… lillies and bulbs being a particular hazard so keep them away from:

- tulips

- hyacinths

- crocuses

- daffodils

- snowdrops

- lily of the valley and oleanders

These plants are toxic, do not allow your pet to nibble or eat any of these. If they have eaten any then contact and visit your vet ASAP.

For many of us spring is also the time we start getting our gardens ready. Make sure you keep your pets away from mulch and fertilisers.

We also see slugs and snails making a pesky re-appearance. Dogs can get lung worm in a variety of ways but these are our top tips to reduce risk....

- Bring toys and bowls in from the outside to make sure they do not get covered with slime which could cause lungworm. 

- Don’t let dogs drink from muddy puddles. 

It’s wise to regularly test your dog's stools to make sure he/she has not picked up this parasite. 

Seasonal Dangers to Cats & Dogs

The festive season means for many of us frantic activity! Lots to do and often also lots to forget unfortunately. In particular keeping your cats and dogs safe from these seasonal, and often forgotten, dangers; vine fruits such as grapes, raisins, sultanas, currants (in any shape; breads, wine etc) chocolate alcohol coffee & tea (the caffeine in both is [...]

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