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Autumn Adventures - Are you the winner?


We have the result of our very succesfull Autumn Adventures competition, we have so many wonderful entries! Up for grabs was the marvellous prize of £100 worth of our organic Laverstoke Park Farm food and treats.

Laverstoke Park Farm is spread over 2,500 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside near Overton. It is certified biodynamic by Demeter and Organic by the Soil Association. Biodiversity and the slow growth of animals and plants lies at the heart of Laverstoke. This begins with the soil which holds healthy bacteria and fungi resulting in over 31 different herbs, grasses and clovers on which the cattle are reared. 

By following nature as closely as possible this farming style holds the greatest nutritional value for our pets as well as ourselves. Our food for dogs is made of 100% raw British meat, offal and bone that is Certified Organic. It's packed with beneficial proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 and life-enhancing vitamins and minerals to provide the very best nutrition for our dogs.

Suzanne Brock, Nutriment MD, had the extremely tough job of selecting the winner, she said: 

"Choosing a winner from the entries is always a very difficult job because of the hundreds of fantastic pictures we are sent. 

Looking through the photos of beautiful dogs, enjoying their autumnal adventures has brought joy to our office, and seeing your healthy, happy pets is one of the highlights of our jobs. 

Thank you to everyone who entered, especially Claire Barton and Alfie - the winners!'

Have a look at our fantastic Laverstoke Park Farm range - please click here, to learn more about how this range could be of real benefit to your dog, please click here, for an in-depth article.

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