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Suzanne’s story


It was 28th June 2013 when Nutriment 1st opened for business. We began life with 10,000 square feet of factory space, one well-grounded founder, ten high-spirited staff and a disturbing mound of personal debt. Two years down the line and our award-winning business stands tall as a leading light within the independent pet food manufacturing fraternity, producing in excess of 180 tonnes of top-notch RAW products a mth to meet the seemingly insatiable relentless needs of loyal customers and a growing network of forward-thinking retailers.

We Believe In

  • Buying British wherever feasible
  • Working alongside like-minded local businesses (design, printing, copywriting….)
  • Supporting the local community in which we operate (e.g. sponsoring NVQs for ambitious staff)

What Differentiates You From Other Raw Companies?

We wouldn’t suggest for a moment that we’re the only purveyor of finest quality RAW pet food and yet in many instances we feel many so-called RAW specialists were simply offering a very basic meat, bone and veg diet.

  • Nutriment actively champions the importance of including metabolism-friendly superfoods (coconut & salmon oil, kelp, kale, flax seeds, spirulina, bilberry powder & chicory roots) to create a range of better balanced feasts.
  • We refuse to rest on our laurels by making all our recipes chicken-based; choosing to also advocate other nutritionally-loaded alternatives like tripe and offal.
  • Nutriment avoids simplistic, one-size-fits-all meal solutions, choosing to differentiate between working dogs (our building blocks ‘Just’ range), large to medium-sized dogs (Nutriment) and more fastidious, smaller breeds (Dinner for Dogs).

Stick To Your Guns

As a single mother and fledgling business owner I’ve discovered the joy of working alongside friends, family to make things happen. Our initial financial situation meant that we needed to get the company trading quickly in order to survive and it’s in these moments you truly learn who your real friends are.

Today we are a lean, fighting fit, ambitious business with so many exciting plans it would make your head spin – thank you for joining us on our adventure – THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO COME!

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